It's My Birthday!

I am so behind on my blogging. I'll be doing "What I Learned At Work Today"on Wednesday and updating you on my life...right about now.

So since my trip to 29 I've been working a ton of weird hours. In order to get time off you have to just trade shifts around and try to make something work for you. So I ended up working all weekend. Totally lame. But luckily, I've been passing my tests with high scores and earned the priveledge to watch videos between calls. It makes the time pass quite a lot faster. So My 10 hour work day Saturday wasn't as horrible as it would have been otherwise.
In other news, I've been doing a ton of wedding planning. It makes me really excited for the future. We bought one bridesmaid dress and we're doing more of that shopping later as well. I've got most of the stuff for my center pieces and I plan on getting to work on them very soon.  I'll post some pictures when I gt one completed :)

And for the most exciting part, today is my birthday.  I'm 19 today. I have been in a pretty bad mood all weekend. My family went out of town for a yearly vacation I couldn't go on because of my crazy working weekend, and I've just wanted to get some stuff done around my house, but it has just been impossible with my work schedule.
Luckily, I got home around 9:30 last night and had a little bit of time to take care of the dishes (just a little side note, why on earth would you run the diswasher when it only has like five spoons in the silverware thing?! There were plenty more forks and knives to be washed...ugh if you do chores, do them right) After that, I made some slightly bunrt popcorn and watched One Tree Hill on Netflix and tried to forget how lonely I was.
It's strange because I usually really like to be alone. It's nice for me to just have time to myself to reflect on my life and contemplate cleaning my disasterousy messy room ( I never actually clean it...just contemplate it.) but because it's my birthday today and everyone was gone all weekend (and today :( ) I just wasn't so happy to be alone. It mostly just makes me miss J and want to be with him even more than I already do.

But other than my pouty, moodiness, I have been thinking about all of the really great birthdays that I have had in the past.

I think that the most memorable ones involve balloons.
When I was in...oh I can't remember maybe 5th or 6th grade? my family had a huge bunch of helium balloons in my room when I woke up. It was a small gesture but it just started my day off so great. I remember how happy I felt to see them there when I got up. It was really an awesome feeling, especially because I never expect anything particularly grand on my birthday so I'm always surprised when something cool happens.

When I turned 13, my sister threw me a surprise party. That was...awesome. I had no idea what was going on...My dad took me door knob shopping to keep me busy while they were setting up and waiting for guest to arrive. Good one dad...When I walked in the room the there was huge group of my friends and family sitting there in a sea of balloons and I was completely shocked...I guess the doorknob shoping wasn't enough to give it away.

But I think the best birthday yet, was my 16th birthday. I had always wanted to have flowers delivered to me at school and I had made comments about in the past, so I always wondered if I might just so happen to get some flowers this birhtday. Well, I was sitting in 4th period (Last class of the day) and I had given up on the flowers. I knew it wouldn't happen. So I was sitting there reading whatever dumb book the teacher was making us read when I heard someone come in and the teacher announced to the class that they could put away their things and said something about having a special something or other...

I turned in my seat to see what she was talking about and there were my Grandma and sister with the big candy cake, balloons, and a big bouquet of beautiful gerber daises. I almost cried I was so happy. But instead of actually crying I just got REALLY embarrassed and turned bright red as my class sang happy birthday to me.
It was truly the most amazing thing anyone had done for me. It might seem silly, but for some reason or another, I feel like the forgotten child. And I'm totally not forgotten, but I'm the middle. Sometimes I get lost in the mix, But I that day, I felt so special. And people approached me in the halls about it for the rest of the month and told me how cool it was that my family did that for me.  I was soo grateful for them.
That was so awesome. And now, we get a little "Happy birthday" on FB, a text message, and if you're lucky, a phone call...I guess things have changed a little.
Well, I'd better get to work...

Until next time. :)

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