I've been wanted to link-up with Jane @ Taingamala for Instatuesday for weeks now! Seems how I've been doing a bunch of linking-up this week, I figured that I'd do that. 

1. I have been Cross Stitching a wedding gift that is giving me extremely mixed feelings, but I decided to try something new. Hombre! It's actually turning out really cool, and it's reminding me how much I love to cross-stitch!
2. I went to the Utah State Fair on Friday after work with my mom and aunt. I decided to try out a flexed arm hang at the Marine's Booth. I'm pretty sure I hung for around 50 seconds after not doing a hang for several months. BEAST MODE ;)

3. I've been going to the gym so much lately, that I'm starting to really feel it. I've been laying on the icy hot, scar cream and lotion for  all the chafing. It's getting to be quite the treatment.

4. A few nights ago my mom was busy with my little sissy. I made dinner from stuff we had laying around and it turned out being the a really awesome meal that I was so proud of!
Yay for Instatuesday!

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Jen said...

That meal looks amazing!!

Mrs.B said...

You go girl! I could probably never hold myself up that long.

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