Working Against The Forces of Nature

Oh Thursday, we meet again...Every Thursday, I go back to my blogging roots and I talk about something that means something to me instead of an event of meaningless fluff about myself.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about change. 

I've been going through a lot of it these days. Over and over again, circumstances change which makes it necessary for us to change. We have to mold and adapt to our surroundings in order to survive where ever we end up. 

Unfortunately, there are millions of things that are beyond our control. We are forced into places we aren't comfortable. We're forced out of places we never wanted to leave. We're given things that we want. Things that we love are taken from us. We work hard for things and receive them. We work hard for things and we don't receive them.  We forget the things that matter most and we remember the things that we wish we could forget

When you are a part of world where there are millions of other people who also have hopes and dreams. They have loves and desires that are just like yours and mine. We are bound to be forced to compete or to lose or to win. 

Because of all of those things, we can't just stay the same. I can't just be the same old Katie I was a couple of months ago.

I could try to be, but it just doesn't fit anymore. 

Only a few months ago I was blissfully happy, but then I got my heart broken.  I'm just not so happy anymore. 
A year or so ago, being just "okay" was fine with me, but then I broke my arm. I was at a disadvantage and I had to work harder to be half as good. So why not work even harder to be the best?
Before my grandma died, I was...careless. I only had one thing on my mind: personal success. When she was gone, I realized that there was a whole more to life than me. 

I'm just different. There is no denying it. And if I just tried to stay the same, I wouldn't be me. The experiences we have shape us into the people we are. We learn from our mistakes, we live with our regrets. We make those same mistakes that we thought we had learned from.  We grow into better, more experienced people and we do what we have to do to survive every force of nature that is working against us all the freaking time. 

So, that's it.  Change. It's necessary. The world we live in is constantly changing and we can't go back in time to fix the crap we wish never happen and do the things we wish would have happened. So all We can do is live for today and tomorrow and the next day and be ready to do a 180 or a 360 whenever the crap life decides it's time.

I'm getting my elbow pads ready...I sense a storm coming...

I'm Katie. I'm a 20-something Soldier & student taking each day one step at a time. Living through all the growing pains that come with becoming that person that I always wanted to be & finding that bright side in all of this Camo-Colored Chaos. You can get to know more about me here.

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Greg said...

You can do eeeeeeet!!!

Jen said...

You can do it my friend!!! :)

My-cliffnotes said...

You can so do it friend, how is your arm??


Anonymous said...

This is a really good, well written, and heartfelt post!

Kelly { Messy.Dirty.Hair.} said...

Change is good! You can do this!

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