Thankful for Change Even Though I Sort Of Hate It

This is the cork board at my grandpa's house. 

Nothing on this board has changed since my grandma died but the calendar. There's little notes, phone numbers, reminders, lists, measurements for something she was going to sew. things we made for her cards from the services she used. and then some. 

I love this board because when I sit there at the kitchen table, it feels, for just one moment, like nothing as changed.  It feels like I'm going to stand up and see her sitting at her sewing machine making baby blankets for my sister's new baby coming this March, or putting together neighbor gifts for Christmas. 

But unfortunately, that isn't going to happen. Things have changed. 
It's hard to be thankful for change, but we have to be. 

I constantly hate that I have to live without certain things in my life, but it has made me stronger and shaped who I am. I've talked about change quite a lot here because it is an extremely common theme in my life. 

I don't think that I'm worse off from it either. 

I like that board in the kitchen that never changes. It's a piece of yesterday that I really love to look at, but I live for today and for tomorrow and the next day. And I am so very thankful fact. 
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Laura Darling said...

It's nice to have some things stay the same sometimes. Especially things with such meaning! :)

Kim said...

Love this post. Change is good, it's just hard to realize sometimes. :)

Jamie said...

It is a strange conundrum to be thankful for change but be scared of it at the same time. xoxo

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