Big Sister

In my "About Me" page I talked about how my sisters were my first friends.  We have playing together for our entire lives. While we don't always get along perfectly, we know that we will always love each other. No matter what. Thick or thin. Rough or smooth. We are family.

September 3rd is my very first friend's 23rd Birthday. My big sister, Alexis.
Big sisters...
They're the best. They teach you the most fun games ever.
Alexis's favorite was "Slave".  How this game worked, was she told me what to do and I was the slave, and when it was time to switch...oh wait...we never switched, she was always tired of the game when it got to that point.
They are there for all the big moments in your life
They will yell at you and be really mad for about an hour.
The next thing you know, they're asking you to go with them to Wal Mart.  
They understand you and accept you for who you are.
They tell you when you're being stupid or if you hair looks dumb.
They support you when you want to do something new and scary.
They'll pose for random pictures with Yoda on their backs.
My big sister...I love her to the moon and back.
Alexis, you have helped to turn me into the woman that I am today and I can't imagine what my life would be like without you. I know that life is hard sometimes, but you need to keep your head up and keep working at it.  Things aren't always going to be this hard.
I hope that you have the most fantastic birthday. I'm sorry that I can't be home to celebrate with you. Save me a piece of cheese cake would you?


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Yay! I love this post!!! Well, I love every post :)

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