Appreciating The Monotony

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Well, I have now been back to "real life" for five or six days now.
I went to work where it was actually a little bit busy.
I went to class and discovered I really wasn't all that behind
 And I hung out with my buddies like I always do.

It was normal. It's weird that although everything is completely different without my grandpa, it's all completely the same.  I still have a mountain of homework. I still watch Netflix...a lot. And I still miss home.

Honestly, I think it kind of helps that everything is the same. It makes it so you appreciate the monotony. I know that I have been all about new and adventure lately, but sometimes it's nice to have consistency.

When I got home the other day, I went and hung out with my friends and went to bed. I carried out my normal evening and it felt, for a moment, that my whole life hasn't changed. In some ways it has, but I am really glad that at least a few things can stay the same.

At work, they're offering a few more hours. I asked for some even though they're at 6 am on a Saturday. I figure I will get over it. You only live once ya know? Gotta make it count.

I've got a whole lot of studying to do for my midterms coming up and I am actually okay with that.

It is amazing what tragedy can do to your perspective. I suppose that life is better when you just live it as it comes at you.

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Jen said...

Ok so I feel like a total jerk because I just saw your email about having dinner when I was in Vegas. :( I'm so sorry we didn't get together.

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