I Want to Unpack

Well, it is finally here!

The day has come where I say goodbye to this blog and start fresh. It was a tough choice for me, but I think that this is best. This ol' blog just has so much baggage. I want to unpack.

This blog will remain in existence and I will probably link to old posts every now and then, but this blog will no longer be active. I hope that everyone will head over to my new blog Chalk it up to Better Luck
Chalk It Up To Better Luck

It was designed by the wonderful Jane at Poppiness Designs. I could not be happier with how it turned out. Everything about it is perfect. When you're thinking it's time for a change, I highly recommend you check out her portfolio.

Well, with that being said please don't forget me!  You can still follow me in all of these places
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As well as on Bloglovin'

I hope to see all of your bright smiling faces soon! I hope you have all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and you're not all overwhelmed with the idea of Christmas shopping!  Instead head over to my blog and stay a while :)

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