A Proposal

In an effort to catch the blogworld up on why life as an almost-militar-wife, I believe I will be posting two updates today. Yay for double blog nights!

Below is an excerpt from my proposal. I had to work that night until 7:00 pm. I was...pissed to say the least. It was Christmas and J was only going to be home for 19 days. Besides that, it was our first Christmas together. It was definitely one I wanted to spend with him.

I had spent the few days before Christmas being minorly grumpy.  Why, you ask? Well, J and just gotten done with boot camp and was spending his money like crazy...So I decided, hey, he is definitely not going to propose because there is no way on earth he had the money to buy you a ring. I had come to terms with the fact that he would leave me again and I would be ringless (I wasn't too mad about it seems how we'd  actually one been together for less than half of our nearly 6 month relationship).  But still, a girl hopes.

So finally, it get's to be 6:50 pm...and I just logged out, quit taking calls and clocked outta there a little too early. I couldn't have cared less though. My man was waiting for me.
After all the presents had been opened, one remained. I opened it up and discovered......a box of shot gun shells. Terribly confused, J reached across me and pulled a little ornament out of the tissue paper I had tossed aside and shocked me with this!

I hope that my uncle in the back ground isn't too annoying...You know how family Christmas parties can be. Listen carefully and you hear him say, "Who is this guy?" at the end of the video. HA! leave it to good old Uncle Mark to ruin the proposal video...

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