Wedding Planning

I believe that I have a blogging problem...
In my other blog (Doing what you shouldn't is half the fun) I pretty much keep things about life lessons and thing I learn about myself and the world around me, where as here, I feel like I can talk about my life in a more...specific manner. There, I keep things vague and just explain what I learned from some type of experience. So I just made a really short story long. Basically, what I'm saying is, I'm blogging for the second time today just because I want to talk more about my life.  Weird huh?

Now that we have orders and we know that J isn't going to be a million miles away, I actually feel comfortable beginning the planning of my wedding. We want to shoot for sooner rather than later, of course, but we can only do what we have the time and money for.  I've been to my share of expos. And I have a dress that just needs to be altered. And I definitely have ideas of what I want to do, but I want to do it...inexpensively (When I say that, I mean cheap, but I don't wanna sound like a redneck...)

So tomorrow, I'm going to go thrifting. I don't know if I just made that up, or if people actually say that, but I want to try and get some inspiration for things we can do to make our wedding special, but inexpensive.  My basic idea is that if we kind if do things little by little and spread out our spending, it won't feel like we're spending a lot (AND if I discover that I'm a pro thrifter, then we really won't be spending a lot).

Neither of us are made of  money, and seems how we don't want to wait forever to get married, we have no choice but to make it pretty DIY. But, I've got a crafty family and a lot of fantastic ideas due to the ever fantastical Pinterest.  I think that is going to be fun! I'll definitely post again tomorrow about how I found awesome stuff. I'll post pictures. Don't you worry.

If you happen to be reading this and you're a military spouse (or going to be one), or just happen to know stuff about weddings, and you have information that  might help make my life easier in the planning process feel free to share!

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