Show & Tell!

I know I know...I'm posting twice in one day, but I saw this link-up and I had to do it. It is so adorable. Head over to From Mrs. to Mama and Show&Tell
1. Tell us what you are looking forward to this fall?
Fall is not always my favorite season, but I think this year it might be. It means a new beginning for me. That's what I'm looking forward to.  Fresh and crisp new start with hopefully some colder weather than last fall!
2. Show us your fall style. (head over to my Pinterest page for the sources!)
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3. Tell us your favorite things to do in the fall. If you have children, activities to do with the kids?
Every October, my family takes a trip to a pumpkin patch. We all pick out a pumpkin (sometimes two!) and we carve pumpkins. Last year,I had a broken arm for this activity, so it will be nice to do it without any inhibitors!
4. Show us your favorite fall beverage.
You might call me crazy, but I don't like hot drinks...Not even hot chocolate. So, instead, I'm going to post a picture of soup...It's kind of a beverage, right? (Also linked to a source on Pinterest!)
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Chicken Enchilada soup...Mmmm....
5. Tell us, how you will be participating in halloween this year. Plans? Costume ideas? 
Halloween might be my least favorite holiday. I don't like candy (I have majorly sensitve teeth that can't deal with the sweet) I don't like to dress up and I never had a party to attend...This year though, I'm going to try and look at it differently. I'm going to go to my grandpa's and eat chili just like I do every year. Maybe I'll find a party to go to and dress up as something inappropriate like all the other girls my age do! That would definitely be a change!

And there you have it. Maybe the cutest little linky party ever!

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Jen said...

I'm not a fan of hot drinks either!!! When I go to Starbucks I always end up with iced tea lol. :)

Emily said...

I love your fall fashion picks. I cannot wait to go to the pumpkin patch and pick out some pumpkins also! I hope you have a better Halloween than previous years!

Katie said...

Thank you! I hope this fall turns out to be the best yet.

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