Wasted Day

Today turned out to be one of those wasted days. 

You know how sometimes you plan to get a whole bunch of stuff taken care of, then you look back on your day when it come to a close and you realize you only did the easy parts? That's happening right now. 

I planned to do a Blogstar post...I didn't.

I planned to bring some order to this crazy place I call my bedroom.  This too did not happen.

I planned to fix a nice dinner for the family...instead I got distracted by Grey's Anatomy and I again failed to accomplish my mission. 

I did, however, get my hair dyed. What do you think?


I watched several episodes of How I Met Your Mother...I can't stay away from that show. 
I picked up my lil' sister from school and took tons of pictures of my hair while waiting in the parking lot
I worked out real hard at the gym.

I graduated to 15 lbs. dum bells! Woo!
And I mustered up the energy to take my sister out to dinner so that I didn't have to cook. 

All in all, it wasn't a bad day, just a waste of a day off that could have been extremely productive.  I guess that most days have the potential to be extremely productive, it just depends on how you feel when you get to the part where you actually get to the point of having to exert some energy to get something done...That's when the productivity dies. 

Wow, I sound lazy. 

First drill is this weekend! Stay tuned for that post...I'm sooo nervous!

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Popereaction said...

Sounds like a great day to me. You have to look at the "lazy" things as being productive toward what you enjoy doing, and you can't ignore that. Also, I myself graduated to 50 lbs. dumb bells today. I smell like protein shake....

Jen said...

I love the new hair color! It's look pretty. :)

Amelia said...

It's been a lazy day here, too...I meant to fold laundry and do dishes and vacuum and all kinds of other things...I did a lot of messing around on my computer and got Jamba Juice. Oh, well! :P

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