What if I wanted the extra large coke?

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It's Thursday! You know what that means? I'm about to get all...thoughtful :) 

Today, my topic was handed to me while scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed in bed this morning. I read an article through Yahoo News about banning "Big Soda" in New York City movie theatres and eateries. 

I have read several of the articles in that link to get as much information as I can before I get pissed about the fact that in New York City, they're telling me what size of drink that I'm allowed to buy.
Quick little summary of what is going on:
Soda is linking to child-obesity and is thought to be part of the reason that America is fat. (I drink at least one sugar soda a day and I'm 110 lbs. and a lean machine.... just BTW New York) So Mayor Blooberg decided to propose that the sale of drinks larger the 16 ounces be prohibited in theatres and restaurants...It was a pretty controversial issue but eventually, the Board of Health passed the bill. 

To me, the reason that this is so frustrating, is that a choice is being taken away. Sure, it's in a state on the other side of the country from me, and it doesn't effect me specifically, but what if it does some day? Why does someone else get to decide how much soda I can drink at one time?  Why don't they just grab all the people that are considered overweight and force them to start a diet?  

Basically, what I'm so annoyed at, is that soda is not alcohol. It isn't tobacco and it isn't drugs. It's a drink that people all over the world enjoy with their movie or their dinner or whatever. It doesn't need to be controlled...Sure, it has negative side affects, but so does running, lifting weights, biking etc.(remember how I broke my arm doing that?!) Everything we make the choice to ingest or activities we choose to pursue have side affects, but it's my choice whether or not I want to take that chance...Who are you to decide how much soda pop I drink? 

Okay, I'm done. I appreciate opinions and other points of views. Just remember, you don't have to be mean :) 

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Amelia said...

This is a really interesting discussion. I definitely think that soda is bad for you, and I cringe a little when I see young children guzzling down Mountain Dew...but it's like you said, it's all about our right to choice. It is my choice to ingest soda (even with the health consequences). It is a parent's choice to give their kids a soda, if they feel that's right (whether or not they should is a different story altogether). It really frustrates me how some people think the answer to potentially dangerous indulgences (fast food, soda, candy, whatever) is to ban it altogether, instead of focusing on education and allowing those to make their own choices (and I know in this example soda isn't technically banned, it's just the size, but you get what I'm saying.)
It really annoys me that now people will have to purchase more cups to get the same amount of soda...I see what's really going on here! :P

Jen said...

Wow I don't think we should be told what size drink we can buy that is just insane!

Anonymous said...

Good point! I agree!

Rachel said...

It's true that if the government regulates everything that's is even possibly dangerous....we won't be allowed to do anything! If you're alive there's a risk of death.
Besides, I prefer to get one large coke and split it between my husband and I. It tends to be more cost-efficient than two small ones. :P

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