This is so very frustrating.
I get in this awesome mood where I feel like nothing can touch me. I look good, I feel good, and all the bad things in my life seem to fade into the background. It almost seems as if they aren't there at all. Then all of a sudden something small happens.  It's something completely insignificant that should not bother me, but it does. Then I'm a complete mess again.

I don't understand.

Right when things start to be okay and I don't want to jump off of a bridge anymore, something pops up that hurts me again...It isn't fair. I'm working really hard to be positive even though it feel like I haven't got a single reason to be. Why can't things just be okay and stay okay? At least for a while. I'm sick of losing sleep over matter that will never be resolved. :(

Yeah, I'm going to just pretend that post didn't happen. Instead, I'm going to talk about my favorite TV as of late. It's  How I Met Your Mother.  That show is pretty much the thing right now. Everyone knows about it, everyone loves it and it's constantly talked about. Maybe it isn't everywhere, but around here and among my Facebook Friends, it's all the rage.

I posted something on my persoanl facebook page that said something to the affect of "How I Met Your Mother gives me hope for my life. I feel like if Ted Mosby can figure things out after life gets stupid over and over again, I can to" It may have even said exactly that...

Now I'm aware that it's just a TV show, and for the most part, there's not gigantic life lessons to take from it like it's an episode of Full House or Sabrina the Teenage Witch or something.  I do however, think that there's plenty of good things to learn from it.

Yeah, I'm one of those people that digs for the moral of every story, but it tends to pay off, so I continue to do it.

What I learn form most episodes of this beautiful show, is that when everthing falls apart and seems like it's beyond repair, something comes along and makes it better. It doesn't have to be a permanant fix and it doesn't have to the end all be all of fixes, but things get better. Despite the fact that I have been down in the dumps for over a month now, I know that eventually, there will be something that will make this pain subside and things are going to be alright...

Thank goodness for How I Met Your Mother...It really puts things into perspective.

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Jen said...


Liz L. said...

I love love love How I Met Your Mother :) cheer up hun! I hope its just a rough patch!! You'll get through it soon!

Jane said...

Everyone has days like that. No worries. Sometimes I feel better writing it all out and venting. I hope you're back on your high horse soon. And I totally think a loved TV show can help get you there!

Sarah said...

I love HIMYM!!! It's always a good mood booster. I'm sorry you're having a rough time lately. I think we all have those times/phases.

P.S. Thanks for linking up and sharing Wednesday Walkabout!

Sarah from GI Joe's Wife

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