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It's time for another post about basic training! Yay!

I didn't love basic training exactly, but there were quite a few things about it that I really enjoyed. I already told you about my favorite training events, but there were quite a few other things about it that I really liked. 


I loooved chow. Well, I loved it when we ate in the chow hall (DFAC).  We would spend the week out on the range eating hot A's for breakfast which was a nightmare. Hot A's was basically chow hall food they put in mermites that you have to eat on the ground without ketchup or sugar. You spill and dirt gets in your food. Sometimes, our hands would be so cold that it wouldn't even be possible to eat...One time it was so windy, bread was flying all over the place. You can bet your bottom dollar that I still ate it... Needless to say, when we got to sit in the chow hall and have our ten minutes to eat, I was pleased as punch. Of course, anything was better than Jimmy Deans, but after you got used to eating this
 It was pretty dang nice to eat something that didn't come prepackaged. And believe it or not, that picture is of one of the better tasting ones!

My Battle Buddy. 

Ignore the fact that my beret is for serious...ate up. I need to fix that thing...
Most of the time, I don't make fast friends.  I am not that lucky girl that meets someone and instantly clicks with them. Well, I was this time. My bunkmate in basic is someone who I will never forget and I hope that I always talk to her. We had some of the best talks while pulling a fireguard shift or sitting around waiting for our turn to go do something. She helped me through a lot of things while I was in basic whether she knows it or not. I was so lucky to have her and I hope that we are friends for the rest of our lives. 
Ignore the fact that my beret is for serious...ate up. I need to fix that thing...


Oh Sunday was lovely. It was a chance to relax and go to church. Sometimes I almost forgot where I was on Sundays. We got to leave our weapons locked up. That was probably the very best thing about it. It was so nice to not have to take that thing to chow. We also got to eat chow in the DFAC for all three meals on Sundays. 

Honestly, basic really had a lot of upsides to it. By the time I was finished, I felt like I had a lot of really positive things to say about it. Sure it was as physically or mentally challenging as I expected it to be, but it was a good experience that I was lucky to have for certain. 

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We have a whole box of MRE's in the garage for emergencies haha.

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