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Join Ashley and me in our quest to save some money!
Sadly, this weekend really hurt my budget. I didn't spend any money besides gas money, but I is just so dang expenseive.

I suppose I am succeeding at this "No Spend" thing, but I don't know how much it's really helping. If I had another job or a different job altogether, I might actually be getting something out of this month of not spending any unnecessary money.
And now, I'm...
I have been for a while actually. I just haven't really known what I'm looking for. I also really need to re-write my resume. I'm basically a whole new person since my last resume refresher.
Right now, I have a few plans. I'm going to drive around and go to some dance studios.
Drop a dance resume off.
I can see the confusion on some of your faces. Yes. I have been dancing for about 12 years...
Yes, that is me. My senior year of high school I danced on the Hillcrest Drill team. I wouldn't say I'm the greatest dancer in the world, but I've got good legs, good arms, and solid technique. All the things I need to be able to teach some dance to some children.
So there is an option.
I'm also thinking I need to try something...conventional. Right now, I work in a call center that refuses to give me the hours I need to make a solid income that I can live off of, so I'm thinking I might try something like waitressing, or retail. It wouldn't be my favorite thing in the world, I'm sure, but it would give me more work experience, more hours, and hopefully more money...
What do you guys think? How where should I job hunt?!

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Jen said...

I would try retail! That is a great option especially in Vegas. Also, I'm so sorry I haven't sent you that list yet as you can imagine things are crazy here.

Ashley said...

That is an awesome picture of you. I think teaching dance would be an awesome experience. But I'm sure any job where you can get more hours will help. Good luck!

Kelly @ [Big Apple, Little Bites] said...

Oh my gosh you are soooo talented! I want to be able to do a split so badly but I'm just not deligent about stretching. Good luck on the job hunt! With dancing skills like that you would be an asset to any dancing school!

Semper Wifey said...

Go with your passion and find some some dance studio jobs! I'm so impressed by your picture!!

Semper Wifey

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