Reinforcement of Hatred

As I said the other day ...I'm having some bad luck. I think I'm getting punished for how great my weekend was or something.'s the whole story about what happened yesterday.
I got off work a little bit early because I was feeling sick and wanted to rest up a little bit. Sadly, it didn't really matter, because I ended up having a very unfortunate mishap.

I often complain about things like the tiny pockets of girl pants.
The other day, this hatred for the tiny pockets grew...
I decided to take a quick potty break before I headed out. I went to the bathroom, did what I needed to do and pulled my pants up. Then what should happen but my key flops out of my tiny pant's pocket and right into the toilet.
Of course, being such an important thing, I didn't even hesitate to reach in. But alas, I was too late.
Automatic flushing toilets.
All I could do was sit on the floor of the handicapped stall and just...stare at the wall. Freaking out.
I did what any grown woman would do in this situation...I called my mom. Of course, there was nothing that she could do. She's 400 miles away, but I think I just wanted to talk to her. Eventually, I was the one who came up with the solution to my problem, but somehow, it made me feel better to talk to my mommy. I have no shame.
Because I have a newer car, my loan requires that I have full coverage on it. That means I have lock-out assistance. I was so embarrassed when the lady asked me where the keys were and I had to tell her I had flushed them down the toilet and I was simply praying  the spare key was in my purse in the car.
This also gave me the chance to try out the whole "my story" thing on Snapy Chatty. It was alright...
I had a friend on standby in case it wasn't, but once the lock-out guy came an hour later I got in the car and found my key in my purse and I was able to drive away...
I have never been so happy to see such a lil thing IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.
Let me tell you though, that was possibly the worst think that could have happened to me...Sometimes life really likes to toss lemons at me. I don't like it.
On the bright side. I got an iPhone 5S the same day :) Now if my sickness would just go away I could have a lovely weekend without flushing keys down the toilet.

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Jen said...

So glad you had an extra key!

Ashley said...

I would have been freaking out to no end. I'm so glad you had an extra key! That could have been really really bad!

Deanna @ From Casinos To Castles said...

Lol. This post made me laugh. I just had a VERY similar bad day on Wednesday and wrote a post about it yesterday. It also included me getting an iPhone 5 but not the newest one. So glad you had your spare key and hope your weekend is better than your week!

Kara said...

I'm sorry, but that's funny. I have a fear of things falling in the toilet. It hasn't happened, but the fear is still there!

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