Make This GO AWAY

Do you ever wake up and just know that your day is doomed?

I had one of those mornings today.

My internal clock awakened me in just enough time for me to make it to work on time. You would think that would be a great thing.

It's not.

I feel like the lack of sleep and all the fun that I had this weekend just caught up to me and I'm coming down with some kind of cold. I always think that this runny nose is allergies, but I think maybe I just always have a minor trace of a cold...

I think I may never say these words...ever. again. - I don't mind if you get me sick

I feel as if I have been run over by a truck.
A really mean and very sick truck.


Please excuse me while I purchase a million packets of EmergenC and Airborne in an attempt to make this go away.

After writing this post and posting it and feeling like my day was completely doomed I went to the bathroom.I my car key was in my pocket. My really tiny girl pants pocket...when I went to pull my pants up, the key fell out of my pocket and into the toilet...Automatic flushing. Yep. My key just got flushed STRAIGHT down the toilet...and now...I have no idea what I'm going to do about it.

I love life.

I'm Katie. I'm a 20-something Soldier & student taking each day one step at a time. Living through all the growing pains that come with becoming that person that I always wanted to be & finding that bright side in all of this Camo-Colored Chaos. You can get to know more about me here.

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Steph said...

Oh my goodness. I hope you get your key situation sorted out! I also hope feel better!

Jen said...

I have felt the same way for the last few days! Hugs and feel better!

Mrs. K said...

Your key! OMGosh. I hope your day got better. It would almost have to.

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