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Currently, I have this obsession with Pandora Internet radio. Along with that, I like to take screen shots of my favorite in my iPhone camera roll it's mostly screen shots of a million different songs.
I feel a need to do something with them, so here I go :)
Basically, every night before I go to bed, I turn on Pandora, plug in my headphones and cruise Facebook. Or sometimes it's when I'm getting ready for work or for my day or whatever. When something good comes on, I click the home button, rush to Pandora, X out the ad and *BAM* screen shot that. And sometimes I'm dumb like on the Jamey Johnson one and just screen shot the lockscreen...oh well.
Currently, I'm listening to "Eric Church Radio" and these are the lovely songs that I have just loved so much that I had to screenshot them.
Typically, they are songs that I relate to. Ones that when I hear them, I get all weepy and emotional or I get goose bumps or basically just have some kind of response to. So this is what I've got

Jamey Johnson "In Color"

Kenny Chesney "She's Got It All"

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band "Fishin' In The Dark" (I would consider this one mine and J's song...)
Brad Paisley "Mud On the Tires"
Josh Turner "Time Is Love" (This song is new and I loooove it)
Lee Brice "A Woman Like You"
Jason Aldean "Dirt Road Anthem"
Eric Church "Springsteen" (recently, I downloaded this song and I have been listening to it on repeat for the week or so. And I still get excited when it comes on the radio...)

So there you have it. I'm officially crazy for country music...I've always loved it, but this is a whole new kind of obsession for me. (and this isn't even all the screen shots I took...)

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