What I Learned At Work Today

I have been neglecting this  little dealy so here I go!

Lately, I've been working really hard to get healthy (okay, so I've been fantacizing about how I would get healthy and not really doing what needs to be done...) so I have been learning some stuff about healthy eating habits, cooking, and more fitness stuff.

I've had an extremely negative body image lately and I feel like getting healthy would help that to go away.

So this is what I've learned about healthy eating and fitness:
1. Bake things instead of frying. It takes out the oils and is typically just as good as if it had been fried.  I think that I'm going to try these baked cheese sticks for a snack instead of picking up the kind from Arby's. It will not only save money, but it will be heathlier.
2. Cook! When you don't eat out, you will eat healthier. That's just the facts.
3. Don't ban certain foods. Instead wean away from them to where you don't crave them. When you ban food, it automatically makes it more desiralble.
4. Eat more fruits and veggies. In general, they are better for you. They have nutrients that you need and are the foundation of a healthy diet.
5. Try more protien instead of carbs. It give you energy for longer.
(#s 3-5 found here)

1. Work out 6 days a week with one rest day.
2. Focus your work out on certain muscle groups, don't just wander the gym and expect something to jump out at you.
3. Set goals. They make it easier to get up and go and you feel accomplished when you reach them.
4. Don't give up. When you give up, you have to start all over.
5. Fight to be healthy, not to be skinny.

I'm going to try really hard to pound these lovely facts that I learned today into my skull so that I can actually life a healthy lifestyle. :)

I'm Katie. I'm a 20-something Soldier & student taking each day one step at a time. Living through all the growing pains that come with becoming that person that I always wanted to be & finding that bright side in all of this Camo-Colored Chaos. You can get to know more about me here.

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