House Sitting

This week I am house/cat sitting for some friend that I play music with.
Meet Unit.
 Unit is the outside cat that mostly leaves you alone during the day, but the second it's time to go to bed, he wants to be your best friend. He purrs so loud it sounds like he's growling. And I'm pretty sure that I heard him snoring this morning.  Also, he wasn't happy unless he was laying right on top of my in some way throughout the night...
This one is named Samantha.
She's the inside cat.  She is very needy and wants to be your best friend as well. Her weird quirk? She like to jump in the bathtub and drink the water that drips from the faucet. Weird? Pretty much!

So far, house sitting is pretty fun. I like to be by myself. Especially in the morning. I love to get ready with out my whole family bustling around me. It makes me think that should this whole Army thing work out, I should move out. I'll be making more than enough money and living alone wouldn't be so bad. At least I wouldn't have to share my eyelash curler...

I'll keep you posted on how my house sitting goes. :)

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