Well, sadly, I think it's safe to say that I didn't get the promotion. I knew I would be sad about it, but I found out from an email that was congratulating someone else on my team for getting the job...That's not cool. They should have notified everyone who didn't get it before they told those who did. I think I would be a little less annoyed if I hadn't found out like that.

On a little bit brighter side, though, we did what's called a PFA (Physical Fitness Assesment) at PT yesterday. For the Army, you have to pass this assesment before you can leave for boot camp. It's one mile, one minute of push-ups and one mintue of sit-ups. Personally, I think that it's a little bit ridiculous that that's all that is required. It should be a little bit harder. But I'm coming from a completely different background where even the best isn't good enough...

Anyway, my point was, I basically knocked it out of the park, as far as I'm concerned. I can't even imagine where I would be if I had had 2 minutes to do everything.

I did 21 push-ups (I could have done more, but the guy doing the time confused me so I thought I was done before I actually was. I did 39 sit-ups (definitely could have done better!) and I ran 1 mile in 9:04. That I am pretty proud of. I'm really not the fastest running in the world. I really have to push myself to go faster. So that wasn't so bad. 
Here's my score sheet. I'm cool.

I think that next week, I'm going to force myself to run a full... PFT(physical fitness test) I don't know what the Army calls it. I should probably find out...

Oh well. TGIF right? Hope your Friday is a little bit better than mine.

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Annie said...

Awesome girl!! 21 push ups! dang!!! lol

Jen said...

:( So sorry about the promotion, I agree they should have notified people separately.

I do hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

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