My First Drill

Oh my heavens...what do I say about my first drill with my unit as a "Pre-B" (that means Pre-Basic soldier, and I have been getting called that for two days)?

It was...interesting. First of all, I didn't know freakin' anything so I was ridiculously nervous. On top of that I was pretty late, but that was due to the whole not knowing anything. Then, they're like, "Hey, you're going to be here a while. Let's put you in a uniform. So they find me some ACUs that were thrown into a cage in supply. With some awesome ink stains, a gigantic cover, no boots, and the coat and trousers are about two sizes too big. Luckily, they didn't make me wear them yesterday.

I was just trying it out so I have in my earrings still...whoops

I just did a bunch of crap on the computer and wandered around trying to look busy. It wasn't all that exciting. Today, though, I learned tons of stuff. It was way fun. It was a really long day, but it was nice to be moving around and feeling like I had a bit of a purpose. A few guys took care of me and made sure that I had stuff to do. It was a lot better today.

Yesterday, though, I texted my friend and bitched like crazy...I was not a happy lil' camper. I was annoyed with like everything about the Army.  I'm so glad that today sucked a whole lot less.

Next drill, we're going to be doing a PT test. And I can tell you right now, I'm gonna pass that thing and prove that I belong there. And get this, I'm actually kind of excited about it!

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shawn said...

U can have earing as long as they r 1/4in studed

shawn said...
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Katie said...

Actually you can't in the Army. They don't allow it in uniform. I think it's different in dress uniforms, but I had to take them out for Drill.

Jen said...

Yup you are right about the earrings, none of the ladies my husband works with are allowed to sear them. In dress uniforms you can wear them.

Jen said...

whoops meant to say "wear them" :) Oh and by the way YOU WILL ROCK THE PT TEST!!! :)

Jane said...

The blog looks SOOO cute! hahah That hat is so funny! A size or two or three too big. Good luck on the PT test you're going to do great!

Amelia said...

Like I said you are a total badass, haha. I love it! Also your redesign is awesome :) I'm supposed to be studying accounting now (whoops) but when I get back online tomorrow I'll have to add your new button to my page :)

____j said...

My husband was Pre-B for about 3 months & they did PT every drill to get ready for basic. When he got to his unit after basic they didn't do very much at all, so he dreaded drill weekends & that was a major reason he decided to try for active. You are going to be a great soldier. You may not have known much then, but you will learn fast. Just keep your head up!

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