So Frugal

That awkward moment when you mean to schedule a post...but you don't then it just sits in you drafts until you realize...hey, that was supose to go live on Wendesday...
Yeah...not my finest moment!
So here's to catching up.

I made myself a budget for this month. My budget consists of my monthly expenses and nothing else. There is no extra spending money for a McDonald's hamburger or a new pair of shoes. It is strict.

So far It has been 5 days and I have spent $2.00And that was to do my laundry and $11.00 on a drip to the Atomic History Museum. Let me tell you, $11.00 well spent. Worth every penny, so I allowed it for myself. Not to mention it's relevent to my classes.

 Today, I have to head home for drill this weekend. I've decided to leave a little bit earlier so I'm going to eat some lunch at school, then leave directly after that. Hopefully that means I won't be hungry on the drive and tempted to stop and buy something to eat.

Not spending money is a whole lot easier than I thought it would be. I am kind of surprised at myself acutally. I have had the urge to buy anything. Usually, I want to get a snack or food or something, but I've been doing a really good job just eating what I've got (crackers and peanuts) and making sure I eat well when I go to the chow hall. It really curbs the cravings and makes not spending money so much easier. 

It's kind of cool that not spending money has also made me healthier! You eat a lot less junk when there is no money to spend on it, that is for sure!

Head on over to Ashley's blog to see how she is doing with her "No Spending" challenge.

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Kara said...

Check out today's post. It might be helpful.

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