Getting Squared Away

Today at work, I decided to start a list. Due to the fact that I'm not going to school or really working towards anything, I'm kind of going stir-crazy, so I tend to create little worksheets for myself. Completely weird, but it helps pass the time.  My list of of groceries, household items, personal items, and other expenses you might have in your daily life.
My Fiance and I are constantly talking about what we're going to do to avoid being that typical struggling couple when it comes to money. Neither of us have grown up with a very strong example on how to handle our money, and being just barely out of the starting gates of our lives, we've never really had to handle our money at all. So I decided that if I'm going to be sitting around at work just trying to pass the time and make another dollar, I might as well be doing something useful.
On my list, I wrote little lines next to each item. Those lines were for the average prices of whatever item it was.
It looks like this:
And I think you get the idea.  When I got home, I compiled the adds that I had laying around my house and filled in the lines with the prices I might pay. Along with this, I've decided that tomorrow at work, I'm going to look up manufacturer coupons for all this stuff and teach myself a little something about couponing...

Yes. Couponing. (By the way, I happen to love nouns that have been turned into verbs i.e. Facebooking, or Googling)
Never fear, my blog is not about to turn into a place that only has ads and free advice on how to run your household. You can read that stuff somewhere else...But I think that it's going to be fun.
I've already been all over the web looking for tips on how to coupon REALISTICALLY and not be like those women with the gigantic binders of coupons in the Winco...hopefully...
best tools so far?:
Wish me luck on my quest to learn something epic.

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