Boo Friday

You know, Friday is no fun when you work Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Today, I have an interview. How do I look?
I tried really hard not to make the "mirror picture" face. I think I succeeded.

[Edit] My interview is over...It went pretty well I thinkg! I'll find out if I got the job next week! I hate the waiting game I want this soo bad!

I usually don't get nervous for interviews. But I usually don't really care what the outcome is. This time, the position I'm interviewing for is a low-pressure position that will look good on a resume and make my day a whole lot less monotonus. I want it a whole lot more than a team lead positon (I interviewed for that job twice before) because it's in training. I love to be in teaching positon even more than a leading position so I really want it...well, cross your fingers and wish me luck...

Besides that, I went o my first Army PT yesterday. It was...interesting. It was really hot outside and I didn't drink enough water before, so I felt like I was gonna throw up the whole time, but I did alright. It's very different form everything I'm used to. It will take some adjusting, but I'm sure that eventually I'll be back on top where I like to be.

You know, It's weird how much things change so quickly. I feel like I say that a lot, but like my new blog name said, I am living in chaos most of the time. I never know what the next day holds. Sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it's really annoying.

Today, it's annoying. I have been having a really hard time with...everything lately.
It doesn't help that my mood is defined by the way that things are going with J and I. Most of the time, things are great and I have no complaints, but sometimes, I just don't understand him and he makes me so upset!
I don't get how things go from better than they have ever been, to so annoying I want to rip my hair out...
Long distance relationships suck. Do I say that enough?


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Amelia said...

I LOVE your outfit! Good luck with getting that job :)
And I know what you mean, all of the chaos has really been hitting me hard lately too. Ugh.

Jane said...

You look fantastic! Love the outfit. Good luck! I'm glad the interview went well! Fingers and toes crossed for you!

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